Effective Boards - Thoughts from Three Successful CEOs

The Maritime Chapter of the ICD has asked three successful CEOs to share their experiences and perspectives in a moderated discussion on what makes a Board effective - both in terms of adding value to the company and in helping the CEO and management to meet expectations of stakeholders and the Board. We are pleased to present Karen Sheriff, President and Chief Executive Officer, Bell Aliant; Robert Hanf, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nova Scotia Power Inc.; and Richard Florizone, President and Vice Chancellor, Dalhousie University, who will tackle questions such as: - What do you want from your Chair and Board? - How can a Board become more effective? What works, what doesn't? - What is the right mix of directors? - What are some of the impediments to board value add?
Thermal, Tidal, Biomass Rooms Nova Scotia Power 1223 Lower Water Street Halifax, NS B3J 3S8

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