*Sold Out* Insights into Today's Boardroom

The Role of Public Sector Boards in a Time of Fiscal Constraint

The Atlantic Chapter of the Institute of Corporate Directors is hosting an event that will focus on public sector governance challenges. Panelist will discuss the current fiscal situation facing all governments and its impact on the governance of Agencies, Boards and Crowns. Panel members and attendees will have a chance to tackle topics like:

- Do board members' have a dual responsibility to both their organization and to broader policy objectives of funders?
-Should boards evolve beyond their historic roles as advocates who may oppose budget reductions?
-What directions can boards give management during periods of fiscal constraint?
-Should communication linkages improve between boards and government directly instead of being focused between governments and management?

Kevin G. Lynch, P.C., LL.D, PH.D
Karen Oldfield
Paul Jewer, CA
Delta Halifax - Bluenose Room 1990 Barrington Street (902) 425-6700 Halifax, NS B3J 1P2
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