(the "Company") believes in diversity and values the benefits that diversity can bring to its board of directors (the "Board"). Diversity promotes the inclusion of different perspectives and ideas, mitigates against groupthink and ensures that the Company has the opportunity to benefit from all available talent. The promotion of a diverse Board makes prudent business sense and makes for better corporate governance.

The Company seeks to maintain a Board comprised of talented and dedicated directors with a diverse mix of expertise, experience, skills and backgrounds. The skills and backgrounds collectively represented on the Board should reflect the diverse nature of the business environment in which the Company operates. For purposes of Board composition, diversity includes, but is not limited to, business experience, geography, age, gender, and ethnicity and aboriginal status. In particular, the Board should include an appropriate number of women directors.

The Company is committed to a merit based system for Board composition within a diverse and inclusive culture which solicits multiple perspectives and views and is free of conscious or unconscious bias and discrimination. When assessing Board composition or identifying suitable candidates for appointment or re-election to the Board, the Company will consider candidates on merit against objective criteria having due regard to the benefits of diversity and the needs of the Board.

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Any search firm engaged to assist the Board or a committee of the Board in identifying candidates for appointment to the Board will be specifically directed to include diverse candidates generally, and multiple women candidates in particular.

 Women candidates for director will be included in the evergreen list of potential Board nominees.

Annually, the Board or a committee of the Board will review this policy and assess its effectiveness in promoting a diverse Board which includes an appropriate number of women directors.

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