Application for Admission


This course will delve into how boards can improve their understanding of the government decision-making process and how to effectively work with the government.  Ideal for boards of directors of not-for-profit and for-profit organizations who want to improve their awareness of, and engagement with, the political and administrative processes, it will provide practical information and best practices when dealing with the public service, administrators and political representatives. The course Lead Instructor is Edward Goldenberg, who has a distinguished background working in government and advising on governance issues, public policy and government relations in Canada and abroad.


This course will provide participants with the following benefits:

  • How to analyze the political landscape to understand powerbases and influencers in government 
  • The importance of communications and relationship building to improve awareness of and influence administrative decisions
  • Practical examples of how the public service and less visible aspects of government can impact strategy, operations and business plans
  • Perspectives on integrating political risk assessment into board strategy and the importance of ensuring an organization is politically ‘smart’
  • Hear from top directors to effectively manage key government relationships and how to respond when unplanned disruptions occur


  • Directors of private for-profit and publicly-listed companies
  • Directors of not-for-profit organizations, Crown corporation, and public ABCs
  • Past graduates of the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program; or
  • Experienced business executives who want to improve their political awareness skills


This course will utilize a combination of pre-readings, lectures and panel discussions in a series of modules presented by seasoned directors, and those who have held senior leadership positions in the public sector and government.


Online registration requires credit card payment in full, prior to attending the course. If you need to be billed please call the ICD office - tel 416-593-7741 ext 289 or email