Application for Admission


This course will provide directors with the essential knowledge, framework and skill sets to allow them to make informed decisions as directors for overseeing critical areas of technology and how this intersects with their oversight role. This includes cyber security, privacy, social media engagement and reputation management, managing IT projects and understanding how emerging technologies will impact their organization.

The course will be taught by technology governance experts Estelle Métayer and Michael Parent.


This course will provide participants with the following benefits:

  • Understand the sources, nature, and extent of both insider and outsider cyber threats facing organizations
  • Identify the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively oversee cyber-resilience in their organization, including cybersecurity audits, cyber insurance, monitoring and testing, and emerging technologies like AI
  • Understand the evolving nature of the regulatory environment, and the growing need for data and privacy, including the GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to adequately protect themselves, as individuals, from identity theft, spoofing, and other cybercrimes, including an overview of common protection tools and techniques
  • Learn to develop a robust risk assessment analysis for major IT projects and understand how to manage and mitigate risks at the board level
  • How awareness and understanding of how a social reputation crisis can unfold and design a process to anticipate and build the appropriate social communication channels with stakeholders.
  • Develop a solid governance of an organization’s road-map to new technologies
  • Dissect how boards have responded when technology choices have impacted negatively a company’s reputation and/or value creation


  • Directors of private for-profit and publicly-listed companies
  • Directors of not-for-profit organizations, Crown corporation, and public ABCs
  • Past graduates of the ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program; or
  • Experienced business executives who want to improve their understanding of the director’s role and technology


Applicants will be updated on the status of their application by email within 2 business weeks of receipt of an application.


The Institute of Corporate Directors is committed to providing its members with a wide range of tools, resources and services that support them in being effective directors and creating high-performing boards. If you are currently a non- member of the ICD, included in your course fee is a one-year ICD membership.


Online registration requires credit card payment in full, prior to attending the course. If you need to be billed please call the ICD office - tel 416-593-7741 ext 289 or email